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Active Cities

This list provides links to a number of Citywars City pages. Need help creating your city's page? Check out the example city page for examples and help with code! Please note that any City Page left blank in excess of a week is eligible to be deleted without notice.

Flag Blizzard.png Blizzard Flag Borderline.png Borderline Flag Caelum.png Caelum Flag Canada.png Canada
Flag Carthage.png Carthage Flag Casino.png Casino Flag ChedNasad.png Ched'Nasad Flag Unknown.png cheesecity
Flag Cloudsdale.png Cloudsdale Flag DarkRealm.png DarkRealm Flag Downpour.png Downpour Flag Esdraelon.png Esdraelon
Flag Finity.png Finity Flag Invasion.png Invasion Flag Justice.png Justice Flag Lakeside.jpeg Lakeside
Flag Marathon.png Marathon Flag Mordor.png Mordor Flag Unknown.png Newbieland Flag Unknown.png Newleaf
Flag Unknown.png Noobcity Pyrite flag.png Pyrite Flag Quantum.png Quantum Reaction flag.png Reaction
Flag Rapture.png Rapture Flag Unknown.png RedSky Seattle.png Seattle Flag SoulFrost2.png SoulFrost
Flag Sydney.png Sydney UnityIIFlag.png UnityII Flag Whyrilia.png Whyrilia Flag Windhelm.png Windhelm
Flag Zeal.png Zeal Zombieland HD.png ZombieLand Zoura.png Zoura

Archived City Pages

The following cities are inactive, but their city pages have been preserved due to the effort that went into their development.

Flag Laenadur.png Laenadur Flag Lordaeron.png Lordaeron